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Esther – Day 27

Esther 7:7

The king got up in a rage, left his wine and went out into the palace garden. But Haman, realising that the king had already decided his fate, stayed behind to beg Queen Esther for his life.

The Thought

That was Haman’s biggest mistake! The king came back into the room at just the right moment (the wrong one for Haman). He saw Haman pleading with Esther for his life. As often happens in moments of high emotions, the king misunderstood the situation. He reacted violently, thinking Esther was being raped, and Haman’s fate was sealed.

Interestingly it was one of the seven eunuchs who served King Xerxes who brought the situation to a quick close. This eunuch, Harbona, one of those named in the first chapter, knew about the gallows that Haman had built for Mordecai, and was quick to suggest this to the king as an immediate answer to the problem.

Had Haman bragged about the gallows to the eunuchs? We don’t know but news seemed to travel quite fast in the court, and Harbona was ready to bring this story to a rapid end.

The result was that “Haman was hung on his own gallows” (Esther 7:10). Songs have been written quoting that verse, and today we can be confident that the devil will not win the battles we are praying about. But God will be the victor in EVERY situation.


Read Esther chapter 7 today, and feel all the emotions involved. The pain, the shock, the disgust, the suspicion, and the anger. Then take a few moments to imagine and appreciate the peace after the storm when the King’s anger subsided (Esther 7:10).

Pray for anyone you know who is going through a storm right now.

Be confident that “the devil is gonna hang on his own gallows” one day. (A good song you can find on youtube!)

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