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Esther – Day 28

Esther 7:10

So they impaled Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai. Then the king’s fury subsided.

The Thought

Haman’s evil plans cost him his life, but they also cost his family a lot too, because they lost his whole estate! The first verse of Chapter 8 tells us That same day King Xerxes gave Queen Esther the estate of Haman, the enemy of the Jews.

Where did Haman’s family live from then on? We don’t know. There is much in the Bible that makes me want to ask questions.

Here’s another question; How is it that the devil who causes the evil in our world, manages to convince people to think that they will get away with the wrong they are doing? Sometimes they do, often for a long time, but eventually the truth comes out and good wins. There is much happening in our world at the moment that is devilish, but sooner or later God will say “Enough is enough!” Then things will change. In the meantime we must keep praying, and doing what God has called us to do wherever He has placed us.

In Esther’s corner of the world, things looked to be going well, Mordecai had come to the court, and Esther put him in charge of Haman’s estate, but Esther had one more request to be made of the king. Esther again pleaded with the king, falling at his feet and weeping. She begged him to put an end to the evil plan of Haman the Agagite, which he had devised against the Jews (Esther 8:3).

Once more the king extended the golden sceptre to Esther and she arose and stood before him, giving him the details of Haman’s plan.


Read chapter 8 today and note the details of all that was asked and all that Esther received. Ask yourself if you are daring enough in your requests of Almighty God who has much more power than King Xerxes had.

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