Commandments 16

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Commandments – Day 16

Exodus 34:28

Moses was there with The Lord forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he (Moses) wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant – the Ten Commandments.

The Thought

We will return later to the commands that God has given us. But let’s dwell for another day on the thought of Moses spending this time with God. The forty days and nights is the forerunner for what Jesus did in the desert, before He entered His active ministry. Moses fasted in God’s presence. But Jesus fasted in a desert (Luke 4:1-13), far from the physical presence of His Father with whom He had lived from the beginning of eternity (John 1:1-3)!

The chapter today (Exodus 34) is worth a month study all to itself! In it we read that while Moses was visiting with God, he also received many other smaller commands and recommendations. Many of which would be good to focus on in our day.

Part of that time spent with God, Moses was chiselling out the words on the stone tablets he had already chiseled himself and carried up Mount Sinai to his scheduled meeting with The Father (Exodus 34:4).


How do you think Moses felt during this very privileged time spent in God’s holy presence? Did he have time to think? Or do you think he was too busy chiseling out God’s words?

Many writers of christian books have said that they have felt as though God was dictating to them as they wrote. It is possible, and Moses is our best example.

Read Exodus 34 today and take note of any of God’s commands that you feel are for you right now. All of them are, for all of us. But sometimes God puts His finger on something and it is time to pay attention.

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