Christmas – Day 11

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Christmas – Day 11

Genesis 16:7

The angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert.

The Thought

There are over 100 verses concerning angels in the Bible, maybe we should take more notice of them.

The first mention is this one quoted above and is also concerning a pregnancy! I find that interesting!

Hagar, Abraham’s second wife, was pregnant and ran away from her mistress Sarah (Abraham’s first wife). Sarah had suggested that her husband sleep with her maid because it was obvious that she herself was barren (Genesis 16:1). But once Hagar became pregnant Sarah became very jealous, and mistreated her maid.

Jealousy is such a debilitating problem and can often result in regrettable actions!

In this case, Hagar ran away! I cannot imagine where she thought she would go or to whom. But she was so distressed by her mistress’s attitude that she just left. Maybe she was worried for her child, a distraught mother can do strange things too sometimes.

But the angelic visitation brought peace to the heart of Hagar in the same way that the angel did for both Joseph and Mary.


In Galatians 5:19 jealousy is listed as one of the “acts of the flesh”, read on in that chapter to see what the opposite fruits of the Spirit are.

Pray for any jealousy in your own heart to be revealed and dealt with in Jesus’ way and replaced by the fruit of the Spirit as we approach this Christmas season.

Also pray for the peace that only God can give to be evident in your life, so that others notice it.

Pray for those you know who struggle with jealousy for whatever reason, ask the Lord to give them supernatural peace at this time.

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