Christmas – Day 5

This post is “Christmas – Day 5”, if you haven’t already read Day 1, please click here.
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Christmas – Day 5

Luke 2:1,3

At that time the Emperor Augustus ordered a census of the Roman Empire.
All the people went to register in the cities where their ancestors had lived.

The Thought

If we should have a national census in the 21st century, I am supposing that the whole thing would be done by internet. But can you imagine if we didn’t have modern international communications? What if you really did have to travel to your family hometown to register? Think about the people you would see there. Would you be happy to see everyone? Do you think you would know everybody? Would you know anybody?

Do you suppose that at the time of Caesar Augustus everyone went happily to their family home, or would some be reluctant to go? Why?

The 5th commandment given to Moses was about honouring our parents (Exodus 20:12). Do you think that is hard for many people in today’s society? Is it hard for you?

Many Jewish people today are still very family oriented, especially those who are serious about their faith and their jewish roots. They keep the customs set out by God through Moses in the desert after the Exodus, meeting as often as they can for the shabbat meals and rituals.


Pray for your family today whether they are near or far physically or emotionally. Even if you don’t know some or any of them, they are (or have been) a part of your family. God planted you in that family line for a reason.

If you are blessed by an adopted family then pray for His blessings on each one this Christmas time. And pray too for your physical parents whether you know them or not, thank God for them if they have now died.

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