In this post, the focus is on Genesis 43:1-2. Amidst severe famine, Jacob's sons are sent back to Egypt for more food after initial resistance. They face concerns about their imprisoned brother Simeon, their father's health, and family reunification. The post concludes with a call to pray for famine-stricken regions and broken families.

On Day 14 of this series, the focus is on Genesis 41:57, highlighting Joseph's diligent work as Pharaoh's representative during a severe famine. His effective management led people from various countries to Egypt for grain, fulfilling God's plan to reunite Joseph with his family. Reflect on how God prepares people for their future.

Day 13 of this study outlines Joseph's rise from prison to becoming Egypt's ruler, thanks to God's guidance, without formal qualifications. Joseph's effective management led Egypt to stockpile food, becoming the sole supplier during a severe famine. Readers are urged to pray for current famine-stricken areas and reflect on their own resource attitudes.