The Life of Joseph – 27

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The Life of Joseph – Day 27

Genesis 45:16

When the news reached Pharaoh’s palace that Joseph’s brothers had come, Pharaoh was pleased.

The Thought

Pharaoh heard the news, and was so pleased that he then took control of the whole situation, telling Joseph how to proceed and promising his family the best land to settle on (verse 18). Everyone must have been thrilled with that promise alone, but there was much more to follow.

Pharaoh offered them carts to take and use to return with their families and possessions, and Joseph went “over the top” in offering them ten pairs of donkeys; the males to pull the carts, and the females to carry grain, bread and other food for the journey.

It seems as though everyone was excited about all that had happened and the new future that was ahead for Israel and all his family.

The brothers must all have been rejoicing, and hoping too that all would be well at home when they arrived. But God, of course was faithful, and would answer Jacob’s prayer to see his family united.

God had been in this faithful family’s lives since the beginning, but they had not always recognised it. He had taken Jacob, the cheat, and made him what would eventually become the father of a nation!


We can be sure that Joseph’s family would never forget what Pharaoh and Joseph had done for them. If we received generous gifts unexpectedly we too would be very grateful, and as believers we would give glory to Jesus for His intervention in our lives.

Think back today over your life and give God praise for all He has done for you.

Praise Him again for any surprises you have received at His hand. Not just physical gifts, but circumstances. Think of how your life has taken unexpected turns so that you are not living where you expected, or doing the work you thought you would.

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