Hope 30

When their unknown, unrecognised fellow traveller joined them on the road to Emmaus, there faces were downcast, full of disappointment and lacking hope. But Jesus, still unrecognised, explained the scriptures to them, and eventually accepted their invitation to dinner. Then their hopes were fulfilled and all doubts were chased away.

Hope 29

My eyes will never see happiness again! Job is really having a bad time. Most of us can understand. But at the very end of the forty two chapters we read that Job got a new very long life, with more sons and daughters and a very successful farming career!

Hope 27

Praise God that many respond and take seriously the call to pray for those in leadership. But we are so concerned with our lives and the problems of our family members, that we take little time to pray for people in authority. That world seems far from our daily lives.

Hope 26

On a personal level this psalm (37) spoke often to me during our early years living in France when we were having a house built. Unfortunately the builder was not the most honest of people, and certainly took advantage of us foreigners who did not speak the language very well.

Hope 25

This psalm is an accolade to the Lord, telling us that The One who created everything by a word is the only one to trust whatever the circumstances. Most of us know that in our hearts. But still we often trust in other people and things. Read Psalm 33 today.

Hope 24

Zechariah was from the tribe of priests and he began to prophecy about 520BC to the people who had returned to Jerusalem after the exile. There was much rebuilding to be done once the Jews had returned to Jerusalem, and the people soon got discouraged. They had started with enthusiasm.

Hope 22

The last words of this verse written by Paul to encourage Timothy in his pastoral work, surprise me a little. Paul is not really renowned for his enjoyment of life, and his letters often make us think he is a hard master. But maybe he took time to relax occasionally.