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Angels – Day 19

Acts 12:7

Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell.

The Thought

Another occasion when Peter was in jail. Things had become difficult for the disciples. John’s brother James had been killed by King Herod, and Peter had been imprisoned by him. This time Peter was alone but with 16 soldiers to guard him! Herod was taking no chances, he had heard how the disciples had been freed earlier, so he multiplied the guard!

But nothing is too difficult for The Lord and His angels.

Evidently Peter was not praying or worrying too much about his situation and he was sleeping when the angel came. Maybe he was confident that he would be freed, because of his previous experience.

The guards must have been sleeping heavily too because there was no reaction from them when the cell was lit by the angelic presence, or when the chains fell off Peter’s wrists allowing the prisoner to make his escape.

I often wonder if the prison guards became secret believers after such an experience.

Verse 5 is one of the key verses in this story. “The church was earnestly praying for him.”

There is much power in unity, and in this case we see that “the church” stayed together all night praying for Peter. But they were still surprised when their prayers were answered!


Ask yourself if your church takes prayer seriously enough. Do they/you pray with expectation?

Read on in this chapter and imagine each event happening. The chains falling off, the iron gate opening on its own, Peter finding himself in the street and making his way to the house where Rhoda heard him at the door but neglected to open it!!

There must have been much laughter about that in later conversations!

Tell yourself once more that NOTHING is too difficult for the Lord, ask Him to free you from anything that is “keeping you in chains” at the moment.

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