The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 19

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7 Seals – Day 19

Revelation 6:11

Each of the souls was given a white robe. They were told to rest a little longer until all their coworkers, the other Christians, would be killed as they had been killed.

The Thought

Some Bible versions here say, “until the number had been completed“. It is 2000 years since John had these visions. Still people are dying for their faith. God is counting those martyrs!

Think about the fact that that so long ago God fixed that number and put a limit to what Satan can do!

If we continued to read through Revelation, we would see in the next chapter (Revelation 7:12-14) more information about those wearing white robes. The ones “under the altar” were those who had already been murdered for their faith. But John was told that more are to go the same way. That must have been hard for him to hear. Maybe he thought, as he lay in the place of exile on the island of Patmos, that he would be murdered too!

The disciples received the great commission from Jesus just before His ascension (Matthew 28:16-20 & Acts 1:7-8). They had no idea that it would be more than two thousand years before that commission was totally completed. I am sure that they had no idea how painful and difficult it would be. Jesus never promised an easy life, but He promised to be with us right to the end (Matthew 28:20).

The white robes that the souls were given represent purity. According to Revelation 3:4-5 receiving a white robe is a recognition of worthiness. It is a sign that the person has won a victory.


Pray that you will be found worthy and victorious on judgement day. Thank God that He is the perfect judge who sees ALL things.

Ask for His help today to live as though He is with you. He is not so much a judge but an encourager to do what is good in His sight throughout your day.

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