The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 17

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7 Seals – Day 17

Revelation 6:9

When the lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered because of God’s word and the testimony they had given about him.

The Thought

This doesn’t go with Heaven as I imagine it. Isn’t it supposed to be a place of peace and joy? A place with no worries and no fear? I find it hard to think of all those murdered for their faith huddled together and calling for revenge! But the fact that I see them in my mind’s eye “huddled together” means that I have a very limited earthly view!

When I read this, I am imagining the altar being the same as we see today in many traditional churches. Not too many souls could fit under those!

Too often we read the Bible with our limited mindsets, and then think “that’s not possible!”

But what if we begin at the other end? Think how many millions have been murdered for their faith (and only God knows how big that number is). We can be encouraged in the fact that all of them went straight to be with the Lord.

If you were in a situation where you could possibly die just because you follow Jesus, would your faith be strong enough? Maybe this is your situation today!

Every day at my home we read a prayer diary from Barnabas fund based in UK. We read stories of brutal attacks. We pray for widows and orphans who are left penniless because the breadwinner has been murdered for his faith. Our world is sadly full of extremes!


Pray today for those who are threatened as believers, and for the widows and orphans whose family provider has died for their faith.

Praise God for the many organisations who help supply their needs (Barnabas fund, Open Doors, Tear Fund and many more).

Ask the Lord if He would like you to help in any way. Remember Jesus’ teaching.

Give, and you will receive. A large quantity…
Luke 6:38

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