The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 13

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7 Seals – Day 13

Mark 4:35-39

Be still, absolutely still!

The Thought

Let’s have one more day thinking about “peace”.

Here we see the well known story of the miracle worker who brought peace on a storm on the lake. This is recounted in 3 of the 4 gospels, and I have chosen Mark’s version because of what he records the disciples as saying.

Jesus had said that they would go to the other side of the lake, and once on the way, He went to sleep. He didn’t even waken when waves were threatening to overturn the boat. It must have been quite a serious storm. Remember that some of the disciples had been fishermen and spent their lives on this lake so must have been very used to storms.

As they try to waken the future Saviour of the world they ask “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?“!! What a question to ask the one who came to save the world!

But they didn’t yet know Him as Saviour, for them He was just a teacher!

That opinion of Jesus changed as He stilled the storm with a word. Verse 41 tells us that They were terrified and asked each other “Who is this that even the wind and the waves obey Him.


Ask yourself today who is Jesus for you? Teacher? Lord? Peace-giver? Healer?

Read more of this chapter of Mark and be encouraged by all that Jesus taught and did. Think about what you would like Him to do for you today. Be bold enough to ask.

Of course, He knows what we want before we ask, but like any loving parent He gets a thrill out of hearing our requests, especially when the request is for something He has been waiting to give us!

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