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Who is God – Day 18

Exodus 17:15

Moses built an alter and called it “The Lord is My Banner”.

The Thought

The name Jehovah Nissi means The Lord, my banner. It was the character of God given by Moses after the battle recorded for us in this chapter. The Israelites found that they had many battles to face as they took over the land promised to them by God. And this battle against the Amalekites was one of the most difficult. Only as Moses held high his hands did the battle go the right way! It was as if Moses’ hands formed a banner covering what was going on in the field below.

After the battle was won, Moses built the altar in memory of that moment when The Lord had proved to be a cover of protection over His people.

The young woman who features in the Song of Songs, declares that she is in love and proclaims that her suitor has put a banner of love over her in the banqueting hall (Song of Songs 2:4). That is a picture of what will happen at the wedding feast of the lamb (Revelation 19:7) when all those who have loved Jesus during life on earth will attend that wedding feast and see that His banner over all of us is love.


Read Exodus 17:8-16 today. Feel the desperate emotions, as the events in the valley below were affected by that banner.

Pray for God to place His banner of love over you and those you care for.

Praise God for others who pray with you and support you in the way that Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands while Joshua led the fighting.

Take time too, to read Revelation 19. Rejoice that you will have a place at that wedding feast and be able to see the banners of love that Jesus has put over all who have loved Him on earth.

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