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Surprises – Day 22

Acts 9:3-4

As Saul neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a great light from Heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice from Heaven saying “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?”

The Thought

Saul who was later renamed Paul, was a zealot. He was convinced that Judaism was the only religion that God cared about. And he felt it his duty to annihilate those Jews who had converted to Christianity.

He had been a young Jewish enthusiast when one of the early believers Stephen, became the first Christian martyr (Acts 7:58). Saul continued along that path until The Lord intervened with one of the biggest surprises in the Bible.

This zealot was travelling armed with letters from the high priest that would authorise him to take prisoner any Jews who had become “traitors”!

Saul’s response to the The Lord’s question is worth studying! First Saul addressed Him as Lord recognising that there was a spiritual power there that he himself didn’t have or understand. So he asked who this unseen person was who had such a powerful presence that Saul was knocked to the ground. Another surprise occurred when Saul discovered that in persecuting Christians he was actually coming against the God he was trying to defend!

In our modern society we must take care about what we say concerning other believers who don’t think like we do. Ask yourself today if you have a critical attitude to other styles of church. And if necessary ask for forgiveness.


Praise God that He loves every type of church, that He knows our hearts, and the paths that have led to where we are now in our christian walk.

Read Acts 9 slowly and let every action there be a blessing to you today. If you were included in this story where would you be. Would you be a watcher? Or a defender of the true faith? Would you be caring for the blind? Or a disciple who didn’t believe Saul’s was a true conversion? Maybe Barnabas, explaining the truth?

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