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Surprises – Day 20

Luke 2:25

Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on him.

The Thought

From Jesus’ death (yesterday’s post) we return to His birth, and look at one of the many surprises surrounding that event. As I read this verse today I am struck once more about how easily we forget that Holy Spirit was constantly at work right throughout the Bible. He was not a new invention at Pentecost!

Here we read that Holy Spirit was on Simeon and had given him an expectation that he would see the Saviour of the world before his own death.

How long had he waited? We don’t know. But it is always supposed that he was quite old, as he gave God permission to let him die after seeing the new born Saviour. Simeon’s life dream was fulfilled.

He was surprised and excited to see the promise he had waited so long for. What a good thing he was there at just that moment when Mary and Jospeh entered the temple. But that wasn’t just “chance”, we read in verse 27 that Simeon was moved by the Spirit to go to the temple courts at that very moment! What an amazing God we serve. However we must learn to obey when He tells us to do something. If Simeon had not gone at that moment, he would have missed the blessing. And we would not have the prophetic psalm which followed in verses 29-32.


Read Luke 2:25-39 today and marvel at God’s timing. Not just for this “chance meeting” between the earthly parents of Jesus, and Simeon. But also with Anna the prophetess who lived in the temple.

Look back on your own life and praise God for the timing of some of the things you have experienced.

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