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Suddenly – Day 28

Mark 9:8

Suddenly they looked around and saw no-one with them except Jesus.

The Thought

This experience on the Mount of transfiguration must have been the most life-changing event that Peter, James and John had ever had. Or would ever have until they met the risen Jesus, and then later experienced the “suddenly” we looked at on day 26 when the Holy Spirit came in power (Acts 2).

This chapter which tells us of the occasion when Moses and Elijah turned up on top of a mountain to have a chat with Jesus brings several questions into my mind.

Why did Jesus only take His inner circle?

Why did Jesus not warn Peter, James and John of the surprises they would experience?

What was the purpose of what He wanted them to see that day?

Did the chosen three tell the others what they had experienced immediately, or later?

This chapter of Mark’s gospel has other hidden suddenlies that surprised the onlookers.

Verses 14-26 tell us of the disciples’ failure to cast out a spirit from a possessed boy, and the sudden success of Jesus.

Verses 30-32 show us of the fear that the disciples had when wanting to ask Jesus difficult questions. In verse 34 Jesus let the disciples know that He hears things they don’t expect Him to!

Verses 42-49 have to be lessons in imagery because Jesus would not want any of us to cut off a hand literally!


Pray for revelation as you read Mark 9 today and look for the underlying messages that are appropriate in our day.

The closing verses are mysterious. Everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves and be at peace with each other.

Praise God for His word which is never boring, and teaches us new things even from verses we think we know well.

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