Spiritual Warfare – Part 11

Spiritual Warfare – Part 11

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Do you know any Bible verses that speak of righteousness? Remember we are thinking of our own personal righteousness at the moment, not that of The Lord whose righteousness is beyond question.

We will look further at Righteousness when we study the Armour of God later, for the moment let us try to define it, and see what benefit it has in our discussion on Spiritual Warfare.

A Biblical definition is given in 1John 3:7 (Read verses 7-10).

Three Bible passages make us feel hopeless in the area of righteousness:

  • Ecclesiastes 7:20;
  • Romans 3:10-12 (quoting Psalm 14:3);
  • Isaiah 64:6.


The following verses make it clear that through Jesus we can all become righteous. The choice is ours.

  • Romans 3:21-22;
  • Romans 5:19.

Isaiah 61:10 suggests that we are clothed in Righteousness by the Lord, and Revelation 19:8 confirms that the bride of Christ, his church, is clothed in righteousness.

Look again at 1 John 3:7-10 and compare it with Isaiah 64:6. How can these two Biblical passages about the things we do be reconciled?

Maybe John 15:5 and Philippians 4:13 hold clues.

How do you think righteousness fits into Spiritual Warfare? Write you thoughts down.

  • James 5:16 – Righteousness is connected to success in prayer.
  • Matthew 6:33 – Be righteous first and then…
  • Proverbs 10:24-25 – Answered prayers.
  • Psalms 37:4 – The desires of your heart.
  • Hosea 10:12 – Seek the Lord until…

The Bible talks of 2 men who were righteous in God’s eyes, one was Jesus, do you know who the other was before looking up the references?

  • Genesis 6:9
  • Genesis 15:6
  • Romans 4:3
  • Galatians 3:6
  • James 2:23

Is your belief counted as righteousness in the same way?

That takes us back to Mark 16:17-18, those who believe (are righteous) will be successful in Spiritual Warfare.

Write those verses down, it will help to remind you of what you can do as a result of your belief.


According to the dictionary, “Authority” is the right or the power to act.

Satan had authority on earth from the time when Adam gave it to him by disobedience to God (Genesis 3), until Jesus came to take it back.

Read Luke 4:1-13

Jesus did not deny that satan had the authority that he claimed, but by not giving in to the temptations in the wilderness, Jesus refused satan any authority over Him. Note the repeated phrase that Jesus used to deny the devil that authority.

We need to know the scriptures in order to not give in to the authority that the enemy would try to gain over us.

Jesus did not begin His ministry until He had overcome satan in the desert, and read the scroll from Isaiah in His home church. (Luke 4:16)

Then He claimed that authority, and moved into His ministry.

(Is that a model for us, His followers?)

People listened to Jesus because “he spoke with authority”. (Luke 4:20 & 32)

Early in Jesus’ ministry He demonstrated His authority over 3 things. What were they?

  • Luke 4:33-36
  • Luke 4:38-40
  • Luke 5:1-6

Then he gave that same authority to His disciples.

  • Luke 9:1-2
  • Matthew 10:1

Later Jesus gave that same authority to 72 of His followers.

  • Luke 10

Make a note of the authority Jesus gave to his followers.

After His resurrection, Jesus reminded His followers of the authority He had already given them, and which they had already operated in.

  • Matthew 28:18 & Mark 16:15-18

Where does that leave the church today?

Where does that leave you in your personal responsibility to follow Jesus?

Do you speak with authority when necessary or do you share the gospel with an apologetic air?

Demons will not flee in the face of timidity.

2 Timothy 1:7

Read again Mark 16:14-18.

Look at Titus 2:15.

Read Hebrews 10:13. Jesus is waiting for you and me to use the authority He died to give us.

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