Spiritual Blessings – 14

This post is Day 14 in a series of studies about “The Spiritual Blessings” in Ephesians, I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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The Spiritual Blessings – Day 14

Ephesians 2:8

God saved you through faith as an act of grace. You had nothing to do with it. Being saved is a gift from God.

The Thought

Grace is one of those things which is difficult to define. Ask yourself what Grace means for you. A common translation of the word grace is “unmerited favour” and that certainly fits the Bible verse for today. It is by unmerited favour that we have been saved. We didn’t deserve anything that Jesus accomplished for us on the cross, and He knew that but He did it anyway. Jesus died for the whole world, from Adam right to the last person who will be alive on this earth. How sad it is that so many have chosen to reject Him. It is even sadder that so many haven’t even heard of Him.

There is much to be done in the short time that this world as we know it remains. Do you know what it is the Lord wants you to do today?

Are there holdups or blockages in what you would like to do for the Lord? Or in what you feel He is calling you to do? Then remember the verse in Zechariah 4:7 where the prophet is encouraged to speak Grace to the mountain of problems. Just previous to that verse we read of the angel talking to Zerubabbel and declaring a much quoted verse “Not by might, Not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord”.

Is He saying that to you today?


Dare you ask the Lord to use you more today in His end time harvest? He may need you to pray, to speak to someone you will meet, or He might prefer that you spend more time with Him learning more, being inspired for future things.

Remember through everything that the Grace through which He saved us is still available for us. Ask God to help you understand more of what that gift means in your daily life.

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