Remembering 27

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Remembering – Day 27

Jonah 2:7

When my life was ebbing away, I remembered you, Lord, and my prayer rose to you, to your holy temple.

The Thought

When life is ebbing away sounds like a good moment to remember the Lord, and many people do just that, and find a Saviour who has always been there waiting for this moment of realisation that He is the only way to Heaven and to Father God!

Jesus is still forgiving and accepting repentant last minute converts, just as He was when the thief on the cross said a similar “last minute prayer” and became a believer at the very last moment of his life.

All of us who do not know what we do (Luke 23:34) have a tendency to pray panic prayers in difficult moments, but few of us have had one like Jonah who cried out to God from the belly of a whale! Of course God heard and God answered, and Jonah was re-established in his prophetic ministry, but not without a lot of moaning and complaining!

He was swallowed by the whale in the first place because he was on a ship and running away from what God had called him to do! God sent a storm which caused Jonah’s confession to the sailors who, at his own request threw him overboard! The Lord then sent the whale to rescue the reluctant prophet!


Read the short 4 chapters of Jonah’s story today and ask yourself if you would have acted differently in his place.

How do you personally rate in obedience to God’s commands? Do you complain when God has ideas that disagree with yours?

How do you feel about the enemies of God’s people today? There are many! Think of the wars going on across the world and pray for miracles, and The Lord’s solutions.

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