Remembering 20

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Remembering – Day 20

Job 8:13

Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless.

The Thought

These are the words of one of Job’s “comforters”, famous for the advice they gave to Job after he lost his wife, all his children and most of his servants. Sadly the advice was not helpful, and in the end God got angry and told the three “friends” to stop criticising Job (Job 42:7)!

Bildad the Shuhite who spoke these words, was suggesting to Job that his children had sinned against God and were getting their just rewards (Job 8:4). He went on to suggest that Job needed to seek the Lord, and then very slowly, from humble beginnings God could restore him (v5-7).

These three friends seem to have forgotten that Job was the most righteous of them all, and the result of that was that while trying to comfort Job, they actually angered God!

The Lord stayed silent through all the conversations and advice that went to and fro, but He finally burst forth with criticism for Job’s friends at the end of 42 chapters! Those discussions had lasted a long time!

God told Job he must pray for his friends. I am angry with you (Eliphaz) and your friends, because you have not spoken of me what is right as my servant Job has (Job 42:7).


Read some of Job’s amazing story today and notice how easily people accuse others and forget all the good things they have done.

Remind yourself again that God knows everything, He never forgets things as we do. Consequently it is never too late to repent of anything we have done wrong, even many years ago. God remembers exactly what happened.

Pray today for God to remind you of anything in your past that might be a blockage to the future He has planned for you. Be quick to repent and move on with Him.

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