Remembering 16

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Remembering – Day 16

Genesis 8:1

But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and He sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded.

The Thought

We can imagine that Noah and his family were happy to be remembered by God after all they had experienced and were continuing to experience living with all those animals and creepy crawlies on a boat with no sign of escape! They were all together on the boat for a full year (Genesis 7:6 & Genesis 8:13). A year is a long time. Especially if we think that mice, and other small creatures can increase their families a lot in a year!

Was it that God had forgotten Noah and his family? I don’t think so, it was more that He decided that enough time had passed and it was time to continue with the next part of His plan for earth!

But God remembering Noah was only the first part of the rescue mission for those sailors, they had many months to wait for the water to recede, dry land to appear, and for that land be dry enough to receive inhabitants! They were in fact prisoners on the ark. But with a promise and encouragement that now the end was in view!


Imagine Noah’s situation and ask yourself if your family would all get on well together if “trapped” together for a long time. Would you share the tasks? Would you be quick to forgive each other for offences made?

Would you like to live with animals?

Today do you think God has forgotten you? Are there prayers you have prayed continually for a long time and are still waiting for the answer? Remember Noah’s patience, and God’s good intentions in all of that.

Read Genesis 8 today, and thank God for His promise to never flood the earth again (Genesis 8:31).

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