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Psalm 23 – Day 12

Psalm 23:4

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil.

The Thought

What a confident statement this is. I have underlined and highlighted in my Bible the words “no evil” because it is, for me, the most important part of this verse. If we are believers in Jesus we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Many translations speak of “the valley of death” rather than “the darkest valley”, and maybe for many of us death is the greatest thing we fear. I have heard several christians say that death holds no fear for them, but they are afraid of the way death will come. No-one wants to suffer for a long time, and nobody wants to die leaving no-one else to care for family members. But there can be many “dark valleys” throughout our lives on the earth, and we need to be sure in our hearts that the Good Shepherd is walking through those with us too. The Bible never tells us that life will be easy, but it does lead us to believe that every trial is a learning curve.

The very first valley mentioned in the Bible is the place of a battle (Genesis 14), and it is often the case that the “valleys” of life are places where spiritual battles are won or lost.

Interestingly there are no valleys mentioned in most Bible translations of the New testament, but the last valley mentioned is in the 4th chapter of the Old Testament book of Zechariah which prophecies the last battle on the earth.


Thank God today that because of all that Jesus did at His crucifixion you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Pray for those you know who are going through a valley at the moment, whether sickness, poverty, mourning, loss. Ask Jesus to be the support and encouragement necessary.

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