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Psalm 23 – Day 24

Zechariah 10:2-3

… the people wander like sheep, oppressed for lack of a shepherd.
My anger burns against the shepherds, and I will punish the leaders, for the Lord Almighty will care for His flock…

The Thought

We have read much this month about The Good Shepherd, and all that He gives to His sheep, but there are “not so good” shepherds too. The Old Testament prophets had much to say about them. Sadly it is true today, there are church leaders that are not really “feeding their sheep”, leaving them ignorant of the joy that knowing Jesus brings.

We must remember not to criticise, but to pray for them, entrusting them to the Lord. We must do our best to share our faith with everyone we come into contact with, helping them to meet Jesus the Good Shepherd.

The prophecy of Zechariah near the end of the Old Testament was written about 500 years before Christ, but in this verse we have the promise of Jesus. “The Lord Almighty will care for His flock”. The rest of the chapter is an encouragement of all that God will do to save His people. It is a good chapter to read today when much of the world seems to be against Israel. Faithful Jews still read the prophecies and remain encouraged.

We read in Numbers 27:17 that Moses nearing the end of his life asked the Lord to not leave His people without a shepherd, meaning a righteous shepherd. Not one that would be in it for his own ends, making the “sheep” fearful or oppressed.

That prayer of Moses was answered in Joshua, who became the leader to take the Israelites into the promised land. But sadly many leaders who followed were not as righteous as Moses and Joshua.


Pray today for the church leaders you know, that they will be inspired by the Lord’s words and Jesus’ example of laying down His life for His sheep.

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