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Philemon – Day 16

Philemon 19

I, Paul, am writing this with my own hand. I will pay it back—not to mention that you owe me your very self.

The Thought

Paul makes it clear that he is making the request personally, writing the letter himself. Many times while he was in prison Paul dictated his letters through other disciples who were helping him. It has often been suggested that the reason for that was Paul’s eye problem making it difficult for him to see, but which eye problem would that be? His blindness received at his conversion, was healed when Ananias laid hands on him (Acts 9:17-19; Acts 22:13). I think it is more likely that Paul dictated letters because his arms were chained. (Just a thought!)

This verse doesn’t sit well with me. It sounds as though Paul was trying to bribe Philemon, giving him no option but to do what Paul asked. It is certainly true that Philemon must have been grateful to Paul for bringing him to The Lord. But it shouldn’t be something that Paul used in that way. Unless, and it is always possible, there was something else that Paul had done for Philemon that is not recorded for us here.

Whatever the reason, Paul’s plea was for forgiveness and blessing. God requires all of us to operate in those things constantly.


Read Acts 9:1-19 today and realise afresh just how much Paul had been forgiven and why he was so committed to serving Jesus and wanting others to have the same zeal.

Think about your own conversion experience. Was it dramatic like Paul’s? Was it gradual over many years? Are you still not convinced Jesus has your whole commitment?

All of us are growing in our faith as we listen to good messages, read our Bibles and apply to our daily lives the truths we read about.

Talk to Jesus today about how to make your faith grow.

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