Day 11 of The Life of Joseph study focuses on Genesis 41:15-21, where Joseph attributes his dream interpretation skills to God. Despite his struggles, including imprisonment, Joseph's faith and humility lead to his promotion after interpreting Pharaoh's dreams. The post encourages reflection on God's purpose and plans in one's own life.

In Day 9 of the "Life of Joseph" series, Joseph interprets the cupbearer's dream and asks for his help in getting out of prison, stating his innocence. Despite his accurate interpretations, Joseph's plea is forgotten. Joseph's refraining from accusing his brothers or Potiphar's wife highlights his righteousness and adherence to loving one's enemies.

The post on Day 8 of "The Life of Joseph" series discusses Joseph's time in prison, where he interprets dreams for fellow inmates, highlighting his spiritual gift. Dream interpretation remains a relevant ministry today, with modern prophets receiving significant dreams. It encourages churches to engage in prison ministries and support individuals through listening and prayer.

Day 6 of the "Life of Joseph" series focuses on Genesis 39:2-5, illustrating how God’s presence led to Joseph’s prosperity and high position in Potiphar’s household. Emphasizing the importance of God's recognition in workplaces, it parallels Daniel’s similar influence on Nebuchadnezzar. Readers are encouraged to pray for God’s presence to be evident through them.

This post explores Day 4 of “The Life of Joseph” series, focusing on Genesis 37:14-17. It recounts Jacob sending Joseph to check on his brothers, leading to significant events in Joseph’s life. The narrative reflects on regret, responsibility, and encourages readers to contemplate their own life decisions and seek peace from God.

On Day 3 of the series "The Life of Joseph," the post explores Genesis 37:9-11, where Joseph's dreams foreshadow future events, causing tension with his brothers but contemplation from his father. Reflecting on God's long-term plans, readers are encouraged to trust in divine wisdom, thank Him for past accomplishments, and pray for future preparedness.