Nehemiah 6

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Nehemiah – Day 6

Nehemiah 1:11

I was cupbearer to the king

The Thought

This last verse of the first chapter is almost a throw away comment, but Nehemiah obviously thought he should give some short explanation of what he was doing, the responsibility he had, and why his visitors thought he could help the situation back home.

Being cupbearer to the king meant that he was a reliable member of the royal household. Such physical closeness could have led to the king being poisoned, or the cupbearer carrying a weapon. But Nehemiah was obviously a trusted servant with a responsible job, and we can assume a very good salary, some of which he was willing to donate to the work in Jerusalem. See later in this study.

The last part of Nehemiah’s prayer is also part of today’s verse.

Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name. Give your servant success today by granting him favour in the presence of this man.

We can guess from the plural word servants, that the visitors were praying too.

Nehemiah had already decided what he would do, but asking leave of absence for several months maybe years could easily be refused. He was at the mercy of the King of Persia, but he was also totally convinced that God is the higher authority.

Do we really grasp the idea that the Lord we pray to is the God of the universe, the highest authority that ever was and ever will be? He is above EVERY earthly establishment no matter how old or well established it is.


Think today about where the Lord has placed you, your job, your family, the place you live. Praise Him for the opportunities you have in that place to share God’s love and tell of answered prayer. Pray for those around you and ask God to help you pray for them.

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