Nehemiah 28

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Nehemiah – Day 28

Nehemiah 6:17-19

Also, in those days the nobles of Judah were sending many letters to Tobiah, and replies from Tobiah kept coming to them. For many in Judah were under oath to him, since he was son-in-law to Shekaniah son of Arah, and his son Jehohanan had married the daughter of Meshullam son of Berekiah. Moreover, they kept reporting to me his good deeds and then telling him what I said. And Tobiah sent letters to intimidate me.

The Thought

Verse 15 told us the good news, before the bad news of these verses for today. So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days (Nehemiah 6:15).

But the enemy was not giving up. Any celebration of the finished wall was overshadowed by the continuing intimidation. But Nehemiah did what it is best for all of us to do in the face of the enemy; trust in the Lord and keep going!

The beginning of Chapter 7 tells us that everything was completed. The doors and gates as well as the whole city wall. Those workers must have praised the Lord about that. Nehemiah then appointed the gatekeepers to keep the city safe, and the musicians and the Levites to praise God for this victory.

Hanani, who was the brother who had travelled to find Nehemiah in the palace of king Artaxerxes, was made responsible for the whole city of Jerusalem along with Hananiah, who was a man of integrity and feared God more than most people do!! (Nehemiah 7:2).

What a good reputation!

It is important to have trustworthy God-fearing people in charge of our cities. Leaving things in the hands of irresponsible people who think only of “lining their own pockets” is irresponsible on our parts.


Having leaders who are believers, who pray and hear from God is important.

We must pray for our local leaders as well as those who work in the government. Do that today.

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