Nehemiah 26

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Nehemiah – Day 26

Nehemiah 6:4

Four times they sent me the same message and each time I gave them the same answer.

The Thought

Nehemiah was proving to be as stubborn as his enemy. The enemy was not giving up, and neither was Nehemiah! The following verses tell us that Sanballat, the ring-leader of the opposition, sent an aide with a letter which can be read in verses 6-8. It was full of lies about the plotting of a revolution, and Nehemiah becoming the self acclaimed king of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah replied denying all charges, because all were untrue. Verse 9 then tells us his thoughts about their thoughts. They were all trying to frighten us, thinking “their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed.”

Interestingly Nehemiah recognised that this enemy was trying to spread fear because if the people were afraid they would tire quickly and not finish the work (v9). It is true for most of us that if we are worried we lose our energy.

The things of the mind have powerful effect on our bodies. More than we understand. Much of the medical world today recognises that disputes, anxiety and other nervous mental activities can have serious effect on our bodies.

Nehemiah’s prayer at the end of verse 9 goes straight to the point: “Now strengthen my hands” He is obviously a man of prayer who can spend hours in conversation with his God, but can also keep it very short and simple when needed. (Remember Day 8).


Read Nehemiah chapter 6 for more of the enemy plans to deter Nehemiah from completing his project, praise God for this leader’s determination to finish what he had started.

Ask yourself how determined you are to finish things you start.

Praise God for any projects He has given you, they may not be as huge as Nehemiah’s but however small, God sees, He encourages and is pleased with what we do for Him.

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