Mysteries and Secrets 4

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Mysteries and Secrets – Day 4

Daniel 2:30

As for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because I have greater wisdom than anyone else alive, but so that Your Majesty may know the interpretation and that you may understand what went through your mind.

The Thought

What a humble approach we see here in Daniel! His claim was not that he was super intelligent, or knew more than anyone else. He was very sure that it was God who had given him the necessary revelation, and answer to the mystery. In fact the “mystery” was not originally as big as it now seemed. All that was needed was for the king to tell the right person his dream, and have it interpreted, but in one of his awkward moments the king decided he wanted somebody to supernaturally understand what he had dreamt without him saying a word!

Most of us know that is impossible, but the Bible says What is impossible for man, is possible for The Lord (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 18:27)!

On this occasion, thankfully for Daniel, and for Nebuchadnezzar, God answered Daniel’s prayer and gave him the key to the mystery. Even the king acknowledged that Daniel’s God was great saying Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery (Daniel 2:47).

There are many dreams recorded in the Old Testament, which had long lasting effects on the Jewish nation. An encouraging verse as we grow older is in Acts 2:17. In the last days I will pour out My Spirit … your old men will dream dreams.


Encourage those in your Christian community to pray for meaningful dreams and to ask God for clarity.

The first mention of a dream in our Bibles is in Genesis 20, read that chapter today and be encouraged to pray for meaningful dreams for yourself.

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