Mysteries and Secrets 2

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Mysteries and Secrets – Day 2

Daniel 2:18

He (Daniel) urged them to plead for mercy from the God of Heaven concerning this mystery, so that he and his friends might not be executed with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.

The Thought

Parts of the book of Daniel seem to be full of mysteries, and many of them seem only to be able to be solved by someone with The wisdom of the gods (Daniel 5:14). At least that’s what this Old Testament book suggests. Daniel was one who had a relationship with The One true God, which made others think that he had The wisdom of the gods. Daniel also had a lot of what we would call today common sense!

This particular incident was because Nebuchadnezzar had had a strange dream, and being the strange person that he was he wanted to know what it meant without telling anyone the content of the dream! There were a lot of worried wise men around the king at that time. The punishment for not knowing what the dream was, would be execution!

When Daniel heard about it, he asked his three friends who were also Jewish believers to pray that one of them might get the interpretation of the dream, and by so doing, save their own lives! In fact Daniel himself got a vision giving him the interpretation of the mysterious dream. He then went to speak to the king’s counsellor asking him not to execute any of the wise men of Babylon.


Daniel is an example to all of us to seek God when we are faced with a mystery, we have a problem, or we are in a situation which seems hopeless. His relationship with The Lord was such that he never panicked, but lived in total confidence that his Father God would solve any problem and answer any question.

Read Daniel 2 today and ask yourself where you would be in that story; praying or panicking!

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