Mountains 5

This post is Day 5 in a series of studies about “Mountains”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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Mountains – Day 5

Genesis 22:2

Then God said (to Abraham) “Take your son, your only son, whom you love – Isaac – and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

The Thought

This is the beginning of one of the better known stories of the Old Testament. It is also one of the most challenging! Abraham had waited until he was 100 years old to have a son by his wife Sarah and while the child Isaac was still very young, God asked him to sacrifice that same son!

Most of us reading this today will know the end of the story, how at the very last minute on top of that mountain God provided a ram for the sacrifice (Genesis 22:13). Isaac was saved, and Abraham went home rejoicing. He had good reason to rejoice, not just for the life of Isaac, but also for the promises which followed. Verses 16-18 of this chapter tell us that the result of Abraham’s obedience had great long lasting influences. Abraham’s descendants would be numerous, and blessed.

Mountains, both real and spiritual ones can be places of challenge for all of us, but I imagine that none of us reading this today have had to make such a demanding and difficult decision.

It is interesting that hundreds of years later King Solomon (David’s son) began to build the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem on this same Mount Moriah (2 Chronicles 3:1).


Read Genesis 22 and think about the emotions going through the minds of both Abraham and Isaac as they walked slowly up that mountain together.

Praise God that He Himself completed the Abrahamic challenge when He sacrificed His Son Jesus on the cross. He did that for you and for me. Reflect on that fact throughout your day today.

Be encouraged to share that good news with someone else.

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