Mountains 11

This post is Day 11 in a series of studies about “Mountains”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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Mountains – Day 11

Exodus 4:27

The Lord said to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So he met Moses at the mountain of God and kissed him.

The Thought

Aaron met Moses on the same mountain, The mountain of God. But before Aaron arrived, we have the almost unbelievable account of Moses arguing with God and The Lord showing him in advance two of the signs he was to perform when he met Pharaoh’s resistance. This was a real “dress rehearsal” for Moses.

Many prophets and preachers will tell us that they can look back and see that they were on a “training ground” with The Lord, leading up to what they are doing today, but I have never met one who had such dramatic lessons from God as Moses did in this chapter.

Moses’ staff became a snake which he had to pick up by its tail (v4)!

His hand became leprous (v6-7)!

Moses was still doubtful that he could cope with the task, but God had anticipated even that, and was sending along a right-hand man. None other than his own brother Aaron (v27).

But before we get to Aaron’s arrival, we have the strange episode in verses 24-26.

I have searched through many different Bible interpretations and commentaries but nothing really explains this episode of Zipporah circumcising her son and touching Moses’ feet in order to save his life! The first order from God to circumcise the male children is found in Genesis 17:11-14, it was a sign that the sons of Abraham were God’s covenant people.


Read Exodus 4 today and enjoy the excitement and mystery.

Think about your own life story. Can you remember things that happened in the past that equip you for what you are doing today?

Are there things happening in your life right now that you know are going to be helpful in the future?

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