Mary’s of the Bible 31

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Mary’s of the Bible – Day 31

Romans 16:6

Greet Mary, who worked very hard for you.

The Thought

This is such a great verse to finish this study! I can imagine Saint Paul, and even Jesus in His parting words, would be wanting to bless each person who had worked with Him, and followed Him as He travelled, or provided for Him as He rested in different homes.

We can visualise Jesus saying this about any of the Marys we have looked at. But also to so many other people who had blessed Him as He journeyed throughout the area of Galilee.

We can also imagine Jesus saying this to many of the church workers who serve Him today. To those who silently clean the buildings where church groups meet, when no-one else is there. To those who visit the sick or teach in classes. To those of us who spend hours in prayer or Bible study hungry for more of God. To those among us who enthusiastically tell others what Jesus can do for them.

Each of the Marys that we have read about was noted because of their service to the Lord. How many others have there been since? We will never know, as long as we live this side of Heaven.


Give thanks to God for all the Marys we have read about. For their patience, endurance and service to Jesus, but also to us, for leaving us their examples to follow.

Give thanks today for the “Marys” you know, whatever their name might be.

Read Romans 16 and note how many people Paul wanted to bless and thank in the church in Rome. Think of the people you know in your own fellowship, and give thanks to God asking Him to bless each one.

Dare to ask Him if you can do more to serve Him and help others.

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