Mary’s of the Bible 29

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Mary’s of the Bible – Day 29

Luke 24:10

It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the others with them who told this to the apostles.

The Thought

The resurrection story is different in each gospel. But by reading them all we can get a fuller picture. We feel much more of the emotion surrounding this world shattering event. We looked at Mary Magdalene in detail earlier in this study (Day 7). So we know that after meeting Jesus, she was totally changed and “stuck like glue” to her Saviour as He lived out His earthly ministry. She must have been devastated at his death. Then elated on discovering that He had not gone forever. He had overcome death! She was the first woman that Jesus spoke to after He had risen. And she is often referred to as the first evangelist!

Mary, the mother of James, was another Mary named in this verse as being one of the first to know that Jesus was alive and not dead as the rest of the world believed. Interestingly Mark tells us that this Mary was the mother of Joseph (Mark 15:47), and in the following chapter as the mother of James (Mark 16:1).

These named women, and the others with them were the first evangelists, carrying the good news of Jesus’ resurrection to the disciples. Since then, many more women and men have been those who tell of that good news to others all across the world.


Reflect today on some of the things you have been reading in this study. Dare to put yourself in the same category as those first evangelists by sharing with someone the fact that Jesus is alive.

Read again one of the resurrection chapters in the gospels and be blessed. Know in your heart that it is true. Jesus went to the cross. He died for you and me. But then He came back from the dead to show us that death is not the end. Hallelujah!

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