Mary’s of the Bible 27

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Mary’s of the Bible – Day 27

John 20:16

Jesus said to her, “Mary”! She turned to Him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni” which means “teacher”.

The Thought

Mary’s reaction to meeting the Lord was to acknowledge who He is. At least who He is for her. He had been her teacher. Not so much as a school teacher would be for us, but a teacher who taught her how to live. Really live! Jesus had taken Mary Magdalene out of the rut she had been living in. He had accepted her for who she was and had changed her into what she was to be for Him. The world’s first evangelist!

We saw yesterday that she was the first to talk to the risen Jesus. And the first to tell others that He was alive.

Where did some churches get the idea that being pastors and preachers is a male-only career?

What Jesus taught Mary and many others, He would like to teach each one of us. He knows our names, and He has no confusion, as we sometimes have about which Mary is which, (nor about who is male and who is female!). He loves each one of us equally, whether we do nothing for Him or everything we can for Him, it makes no difference!


Think today about some of your teachers from school, which ones did you like, and which ones did you enjoy working for? Why?

Praise God for all we have been learning through the Bible verses about the different Marys each one with her own characteristics.

Ask Jesus which of your characteristics He would like to use most to bring others to Him.

Read John 20 today and praise God for the different accounts of the day of resurrection, each one helping to give us a fuller version of what really happened.

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