Mary’s of the Bible 13

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Mary’s of the Bible – Day 13

Acts 1:14

They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

The Thought

The last mention of Mary, mother of the Saviour is after the gospels and at the beginning of the rest of the new Testament where we learn how the Christian church began and spread. It is interesting that Luke, who wrote this book as well as his gospel, specifies who attended that first meeting. There is no doubt from these words that Jesus had a bigger family than many suppose. His physical brothers, mentioned apart from the disciples, were a part of that first Christian church.

What an exciting gathering that must have been! They had all witnessed the resurrection thinking then that Jesus would be with them for at least the foreseeable future. But then they had witnessed one of the greatest miracles ever seen. Jesus had just left the solid ground of the earth and gone upwards, home to Heaven! They were excited, but must also have felt abandoned. What should they do next?

Finally Peter took the lead, obviously inspired by Holy Spirit, even though he didn’t recognise it yet. This was still before Pentecost.


Read Acts 1 today and feel the emotions of the people at that gathering. Imagine some of the questions they had. There were so many unknowns in their immediate future.

Think about how you react when you don’t really know what to do. If the usual leader is absent from a meeting, who takes charge?

Pray for more unity in prayer in your church group.

Praise God for the way He used Mary, the mother of Jesus, all through her life, and on after her Heavenly Son had been taken back to join His heavenly Father once His mission had been accomplished.

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