Living Sacrifice 20

This post is Day 20 in a series of studies about “A Living Sacrifice”, I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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A Living Sacrifice – Day 20

Romans 12:13

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

The Thought

Sharing with other Christians is not what many would consider being a “Living sacrifice”. For most of us, the Lord’s people are those in our church community, and we don’t usually see their needs. We see them at church meetings, maybe have superficial conversations with them and all seems well. But have we ever really had deep personal conversations with them? Have we ever asked if they have any needs that we can help with? Being a Living Sacrifice means “less of me, and more of Jesus”, which in practice means thinking more of those He has put us in communion with.

But maybe this is talking about giving financially to foreign missions. Those who have left their homeland for the sake of the gospel need our prayers and our offerings; generous offerings.

The first disciples were told by Jesus to take nothing with them when they set off on a mission. Not even a change of clothes (Matthew 10:9-12). His plan was that they learn to depend totally on Him, and not be made weary by carrying unnecessary baggage! We have much to learn!

To some of us today learning to be Living Sacrifices, practicing hospitality might be a challenge. We invite close friends, and family, but not “strangers” as Hebrews 13:2 encourages us to do. I believe that Paul’s point to the Roman churches was that once you are a follower of Christ, everything we have is for His use. We can call nothing our own!


Pray today for the Lord’s help in understanding what He wants you to do in response to today’s verse. Be aware if you go out of your home today of those who are in need of prayer, of provision, of loving care.

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