Living Sacrifice – 11

This post is Day 11 in a series of studies about “A Living Sacrifice”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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A Living Sacrifice – Day 11

Romans 12:7

… if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach;

The Thought

Each of us is created with gifts. When we are doing what we are created for, something within us knows that we are in the right place doing the right thing. There is a sense of fulfilling our destiny. All of us know that it will not always be easy. But that’s where being a “Living sacrifice” becomes a reality.

There are physical gifts as well as spiritual ones, and sometimes a gift will just last for a short time and then we will find we want to change direction or try something new. Sometimes gifts change as we mature and experience more of life whether through education or just life experience.

Being a servant is not listed as the world’s favourite occupation, but it is often in serving that we learn important lessons for the future, and it is certainly the task that blesses others the most. Often without them noticing. But The Lord sees everything, and He will reward us as we become “Living sacrifices” for Him.

Teaching makes us think of school, but it is so much bigger than that. All good parents are teachers encouraging their children to eat, walk, sleep and learn from a very early age.

Bible teachers have a huge responsibility to be truthful about what The Lord is saying as they interpret His word for us. Paul warns in his second letter to Timothy to keep a look out for false teachers who deny the Word of God.


Look back on your life and thank God for the gifts He gave you at a time when you needed them.

Pray for those in your church who are “the servants”, and those who are the “teachers”.

Ask God to help you recognise, and pray for, those who are “Living Sacrifices”.

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