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Joy – Day 15

Psalms 149:4-6

For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with victory.
Let His faithful people rejoice in this honour and sing for joy on their beds.
May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands.

The Thought

Pause as you read that first phrase. Remind yourself that the Lord delights in you. We could spend a long time on that sentence alone. The Lord sees everything we do, everything we think, every good and bad thing that we are responsible for, and He still loves us, and promises victory. That should make us sing for joy as these verses suggest.

The double edged sword (verse 6) is to help us win our personal battles. We must remember though, that our enemy is not the difficult person you may need to disagree with in the office, or the bank manager who won’t lend you the money you need, or the grumpy neighbours!

The enemy is the group of demonic spirits that hassle our every day lives. They invade our thoughts, and cause us to look away from the good things of God.

Jesus was, and still is the most humble person that has ever been crowned with victory – literally. As we think of all that He gained for us on the cross we will literally be “singing for joy on our beds”.


Read all 9 verses of this psalm today and rejoice, sing for joy, not just on your bed, but as you go through your day.

Think about the small things that irritate you, and give them to God.

Make a personal decision to not be irritated with things or people who usually annoy you. Remember that at this Christmas season, we sing of peace and good will to ALL people.

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