Haggai 5

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Haggai – Day 5

Haggai 1:7

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways”.

The Thought

There is no mistake here. This is a repeat of verse 5 which we read yesterday. It is a repeat because God was making His point. He didn’t want people to forget it. He wasn’t having a bad day and hadn’t really meant what He had said, which is what happens to many of us.

The Lord God Almighty really wanted people to reflect on their lives and especially what He had done for them, as a nation and as individuals. They were to reflect on where they had been before. Slaves to the Egyptians, then a wandering people in the desert, and exiles in Babylon. He wanted them to reflect on all the good their ancestors had received at His hand. He wanted them to be grateful for where they were at this point in history. In their own land, in their own homes. He was asking them to show their respect and appreciation of who He was! Their life-line, and their Lord and Saviour!

He would appreciate it if we too showed our appreciation of Him from time to time! Many of us do, of course, but there is always more we can say, more ways we can let Him know that we appreciate all He has done for us in the past.


Think today about how the Lord has preserved your family line in spite of war, plagues, and accidents, and pray for the following generations to continue to follow Him and continue to appreciate their own family history.

Give thanks for those who brought you to the point of getting to know Jesus. Pray for those around you who still do not know Him as Saviour and Very Best Friend.

Maybe you could be a witness to someone today?

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