Gifts & Giving 19

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Gifts & Giving – Day 19

Luke 21:4

All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.

The Thought

This well known story takes only 4 verses. It is simple to read, and simple to understand and is a challenge to many of us. In effect Jesus is saying that this very poor lady gave her life. Not in the way that we understand that today, by saying a prayer of dedication to give our lives to Jesus, but in a real life sacrifice.

In the same way many missionaries have given their lives in hard practical ways by leaving their homeland or familiar culture to spread the gospel across the world. Many have suffered poverty because of these choices. God sees everyone of them, knows their hearts and their motives.

In the verse today Jesus saw the hearts and knew the motives behind the gifts. The rich were making it obvious that they were giving large amounts of money, but in proportion to what they owned these were miserly gifts, and given for the wrong reasons; so that others would see what they were giving.

For many of us today it is a season of giving. We are preparing to celebrate Christmas, so are spending lots of money on decorations, food and gifts for family and friends. Our aim is to give pleasure to others. May each of us be blessed in our giving.


Ask yourself today if you give to God (or to others) out of your wealth or out of your poverty.

Look for ways to give, and pray for God’s help to be generous.

With everything you purchase towards the Christmas celebration thank Jesus for His gift of life for yourself and pray for Him to touch each person for whom you buy something.

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