Gideon – 20

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Gideon – 20

Judges 7:3

Whoever is scared or frightened should leave Mount Gilead and go back home.

The Thought

Fear has such a lot of power in our lives, and is one of the enemies strongest tools. Fear gives Satan a hold over us, and the Lord knew that it was no good having a huge army operating in fear. So He sent the fearful ones home. It must have been painful for Gideon to watch two thirds of his army return to their homes! And later, when those fearful ones learned of the victory won; do you think they regretted leaving the battle field?

Sometimes the consequences of our emotions and our decisions can be painful.

Can you imagine the reaction of these men’s families when they arrived home? Did they dare admit to being so fearful?

Fear was real for Job too, and he recognised the results of it. Job 3:25 What I feared has come upon me and what I dreaded has happened to me.

As I am preparing this study early in 2021 many people are feeling fearful. The news media give us statistics about the strains of the covid virus that make us afraid. Other sources tell us not to have a vaccine which can be dangerous, they too make us fearful. Many are afraid of death, while others are afraid of life.


Pray for the Lord to show you where you are operating in fear, and ask His help to be delivered from it. Ask for His peace to reign in your heart. Pray for the fearful in your church group that the Lord will help them overcome their fear and it will not become a barrier for progress in your fellowship.

Praise God who is capable of stilling the wildest storm, and for helping you overcome the fears that you are battling with.

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