Gideon – 2

This post is Day 2 in a series of studies about “Gideon” from the book of Judges, I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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Gideon – Day 2

Judges 6:2 & 6

The Israelites made hiding places in the mountains, caves, and mountain strongholds to protect themselves from Midian. … So the Israelites became very poor because of Midian and cried out to the Lord for help.

The Thought

Sometimes the Lord has to allow us to become very unhappy, just so that we cry out to Him. It is a sad fact that when all is going well we live our lives, not necessarily without the Lord, but we don’t give Him so much priority as when we want Him to do something for us.

Here we see the whole nation in unity crying out to the Lord. But it took them seven years of oppression to get to that point. The nation known as God’s people were cowering in hiding while the enemy ravaged their food supply. How tragic!

There is power in united prayer. When the whole nation cried out to God, he moved.

When you have a major struggle, it helps to find others to pray with, and to hear His voice together. The Lord seeks unity in His church and increases His presence when we seek Him together (Ps 33:1-3).

The world wide church is very fragmented, and in many ways has been invaded by the enemy, but thankfully there has been much progress in recent years in uniting Christians.


Pray for that to continue, and ask God to encourage those who are involved in christian unity in your country.

Pray for others with whom you personally can be in unity. If you already meet in a group, pray for the others in the group; for their needs to be met, and for an increase in the tangible presence of the Lord when you next meet.

Praise Him, that He longs to meet your needs, and goes to great lengths to get you to spend time with Him.

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