Gideon – 22

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Gideon – 22

Judges 7:7

All the other men should go home.

The Thought

How do you think these men felt when they went home? Rejected? Relieved? Disappointed? Angry?

How we react to a situation can reveal a lot about our character, and our spirituality.

But this was an order from God and he would no doubt deal with the individual reactions. Sometimes we just have to obey and leave the consequences to Him.

What about Gideon? As he had seen the magnificent response to his call to arms, and then watched the thousands be sent home, how do you suppose he felt? Did he feel vulnerable? Worried? Afraid? Confident that the God who started all this would carry it through to the end?

I believe when we look back on this time of lockdowns and curfews because of Covid 19, we will see that The Lord allowed it and used it for His purposes. Just as He did in Gideon’s battle. Gideon’s enemy was very relaxed, and utterly confident as they came every year to steal the crops of the Israelites.

Satan has been sitting back and feeling confident about the world as fake news and false reporting are succeeding. The mountains of media, entertainment and politics seem to be in the enemy hands. But God is preparing His Gideons and His small army who will miraculously succeed.

Meanwhile, God is preparing His body, His Bride, and it will be a complete body, a complete Bride. We will not see the broken body that we recognise in the church today.


Pray for yourself that you find your place in the right church group and for your church to find its place in the body of Christ, that the whole church may be united and work together for Him.

Praise Him that He has a place for everyone, and that He is building His church and preparing His Bride.

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