Gideon – 18

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Gideon – 18

Judges 6:39-40

Then Gideon said to God, “Don’t be angry with me. But let me ask one more thing. Let me make one more test with the wool. Let the wool be dry while all the ground is covered with dew.” During the night, God did what Gideon asked. The wool was dry, but all the ground was covered with dew.

The Thought

Gideon changed his request when he asked a second time for confirmation of his calling, and the Lord complied. We must not be afraid to ask for a sign from God, especially if He is asking us to do something out of the ordinary.

Do you realise that twice The Lord overcame His own laws of nature in order to convince Gideon of His will? The God who created the laws of science is free to interfere with them when it serves His purposes. And He does!

The Bible tells us of other times when He did that. Here are a few examples:

  • Abraham and Sarah had a son in their old age; Genesis 17.
  • King Hezekiah saw the sun go backwards ten steps of the stairs; 2 Kings 20.
  • In the battle at Gibeon, the sun stood still for a full day until the battle was completely won; Joshua 10


Read those Old Testament stories today and be encouraged that God can and will do some very unusual things to serve His purposes and to increase our faith in Him.

Pray for an increase in your faith so that you expect God to do things out of the ordinary. Pray for those things He is doing today to be recorded and told throughout the world.

Praise Him for the times when He has done amazing things that you have seen, and for all those things He has done that you have not seen.

Dare to ask Him to open your eyes to see the unusual things He is doing.

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