The Fig Tree – 24

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The Fig Tree – Day 24

Amos 7:14

Amos responded, “I’m not a prophet, and I’m not a disciple of the prophets. I am a rancher and a grower of figs.”

The Thought

Another lesser known prophet follows Joel (yesterday’s reading) in the Old Testament order of books. Amos lived in the 8th century before Christ, and spoke about social injustice. A simple Judean farmer called by God to reprimand Israel for their unrighteous behaviour, Amos was concerned about social injustice, and told Israel that if things didn’t change there would be disaster.

He was not appreciated by the priests who tried to send him back to where he came from! Sadly that is still true of some of the prophetic voices today, they are rejected by many church leaders.

It is interesting to read on from the verse quoted above and compare the wrong doings of the people then, to those of today … Amos 8:4-5 Listen to this, those who trample on the needy and ruin those who are oppressed in the world. You say to yourselves, “When will the New Moon Festival be over so that we can sell more grain? When will the day of rest – a holy day, be over so that we can sell more wheat?”

In the 21st century, “Holy days” or “Sabbaths” no longer mean that no-one can trade, most countries have 7 day openings for shops and markets. What do you suppose God thinks of that?

Amos continues his accusations … “We can shrink the size of the bushel baskets, increase the cost, and cheat with dishonest scales … We can sell the husks mixed in with the wheat.”


Are you aware that God sees EVERYTHING? Ask yourself today if you are scrupulously honest in all your dealings. Would the God who sees everything reprimand you or bless you?

Confess anything that comes to mind and remember that God loves you no matter what. Pray that believers worldwide will become the Holy people who will love Him as He longs to be loved.

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