The Fig Tree – 13

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The Fig Tree – Day 13

Proverbs 27:18

Whoever takes care of a fig tree can eat its fruit, and whoever protects his master is honored.

The Thought

This verse speaks of worthwhile labour. If you are a gardener, even an amateur one you will know the thrill of eating home grown fruit and vegetables. They taste better and eating them gives great satisfaction.

Here the writer of Proverbs (King Solomon), likens looking after a fig tree to protecting the person you work for. Both bring great reward. We have learned how important fig trees were to the ancient Israelites, and they are still important today. The demand for figs world wide is enormous, and it is a responsible job to produce a good fig harvest.

In a similar way those of us who work for the Lord, have a great responsibility to produce a world wide harvest. Each one of us needs to do be doing the right thing in the right place. It takes much more than one gardener to produce a supply of figs for the world market.

In this proverb looking after the tree is likened to protecting the master; his reputation, his income. What we do for Jesus must be bringing Him a good reputation. A good harvest for the end time harvest coming soon.

Ask yourself if you are working for the Lord and doing what He has called you to do? If so you can be sure that He will reward you for every effort you have made to bear fruit for His kingdom.

In Revelation 2:23 we read the Lord’s words to the church in Thyatira “I am He who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.”


Pray that you will be a worthy labourer for the Kingdom of God and will reap the reward of eternal life that only He can give.

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