Commandments 19

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Commandments – Day 19

Matthew 19:17

Just then, a man came up to Jesus and asked Teacher, what good thing must I do to enter eternal life? Why do you ask Me about what is good? Jesus replied. There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.

The Thought

Jesus had been blessing the children. As He turned to leave, the man in these verses approached Him. What do you suppose was behind the question? Was he trying to trick Jesus as the Pharisees did? Was he genuinely seeking to get into Heaven by doing a single good thing? Do you think he was prepared to do anything Jesus would ask him?

Whatever the reason, Jesus didn’t flinch at the question, rather He focused on Father God who this man must have been familiar with, because we learn later in the chapter that he had followed the commandments since a young age.

The man’s response to keeping the commandments was to know which ones (v18).

I find that a strange response. He must have learned that God gave the commandments and never said that any one of them was more important than the others!

But Jesus put His finger on this listeners problem. He was too attached to his riches!

This small event with one listener asking a single question, led to an important teaching that Jesus gave to His disciples after the young inquirer left.


Read on in this chapter to get a bit more of the discussion between Jesus and His disciples.

Ask yourself today if you prefer some commandments to others. Which do you find the hardest to obey? Pray for help in that area.

Note the simple command of today’s verse If you want to enter life… Jesus was talking about REAL life being in the presence of Almighty God for eternity!

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