Anne A Malgwyn Elmer

I am Anne Elmer.


Born in the small town of Bacup in the Rossendale valley, Lancashire, in the north of England, I met Malgwyn at school there when we were both teenagers. We have now been married for 53 years, have 3 married children, and 13 grandchildren.


In 1983 God moved us to France to live in the Paris area, (That was one of those God things!) The children all attended the “Lycée International” in St. Germain en Laye and all of us were members of St. Mark’s English speaking church in Versailles. We learned a lot there from people who talked about Jesus as though He sat down to dinner with them!! Today we have come to understand, and He sits down to dinner with us too!!

Since then we have been on a long journey with Jesus and there are many “God things” to share.

After 12 years we felt that we were being pushed by the Lord to look for a French church and consequently moved to join L’Eglise Eau-Vive in Boulogne Billancourt. (Another of those “God things“!)

It was while we were members of that church that in December 2001 I was hospitalised and had many life changing visions of The Lion of Judah. (You can read about those in my first book “Transported by the Lion of Judah“)

We became Elders in Eau-Vive community and stayed there until 2013 when we moved from the Paris region to the Vendée. (That was another God thing!)


We are now very settled and extremely happy here near the west coast of France where the weather is almost always kind to us, and we are just 3 hours drive from St. Malo where we can get a boat to UK to see the English side of the family. (At least we could before covid!)

We host weekly meetings on Sundays in our home as well as mid-week Bible studies and monthly Worship evenings for a growing group of believers. Get in touch if you would like to join us.

The Bible Studies that are going out (almost) daily on this site have been written through many years of learning with the Lord, and were originally meant for group discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing them and pray that you enjoy working through them.

Every blessing,

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