This post is the introduction to a series about “1 John”.

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1 John – Day 1


John the Apostle was very close to Jesus. His gospel is very different to the others, recounting different episodes and stressing all the time Jesus as LOVE personified. John didn’t refer often to himself by name, but talked about “the beloved disciple”. I don’t believe John was anymore loved than the other disciples or than you are and I am. But it seems to me that John knew in his heart of hearts that he was loved, and couldn’t quite get over that truth.

We know very little of the background of any of the disciples. But we do know that John and his brother James had a stormy relationship. Jesus called them the “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17). Maybe they had a difficult family background, but we will probably never know anything more about that. So if the Bible doesn’t tell us, then it mustn’t be important. What is important is that John recognised how much he was loved by Jesus.

After having written his gospel, John wrote 3 short letters to the churches he had started. The theme of all three of them is “God is love” with an encouragement to love each other as Jesus has loved, and still loves us.


Take time today to read some if not all 5 chapters of John’s 1st letter so that you will get an overview.

Ask yourself if you really understand in your heart of hearts that you are loved by Jesus. No matter how good you think you have been, or whatever wrongdoings you are guilty of, Jesus went to the cross for you. For your forgiveness, to make you acceptable to Father God.

If you are suffering with any disease or sickness remember that Jesus took that to the cross and suffered so that you don’t have to. Meditate on that amazing truth today, and ask Jesus to reveal your healing for you.

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